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nicholas martin

Tip of the iceberg ?

I just received private information ( and the source will not be revealed at this time, however I urge everyone to verify this independently ) that there are hundreds, if not thousands of cases similar to Terry Schiavo's. The only differenc is that these people are old, and in retirement homes, where they are simply starved and dehydrated.

While we hope for Terry, her case MUST be the start of a serious investigation into these other cases as well.

Until Newt Gingrich's appearance on the scene ( 1994 ? was it ? ) liberal judges went completely unopposed by the republicans. Now we have a horde of crazed activist judges in the service of the culture of death. ( we would not be making too much of a mistake if we used terms like Satan for that. )
In spite of the valiant efforts and magnificent results of the bloggers, to whom we owe immmeasurable gratitude, the MSM still controls and runs the nation. The media, the campuses, the judiciary and secondary education ( public schools ) are the main power bases of distorted liberalism today.

The media has been attacked by the bloggers; David Horowitz is doing a great job with his crusade against campus leftwingism and leftwingism in general ( it is worthwile to look into his Discoverthenetwork accessible from frontpagemag.com I only wish to insist on one aspect of marxism that does not seem to be sufficiently noticed and analyzed by others: marxism is capable of destroying the healthy instincts of a nation over a period of time. Recovery from that, as Solzhenytsin has implicitly stated, can take many years, Solzhenytsin's estimate in the case of the ex Soviet Union is 300 years !!! )

The judiciary...no serious attacks yet. And the public school system, which generates masses of undereducated and partially indoctrinated people, Bork's "New Barbarians", still goes largely unchallenged. Scholarly work is abundant ( e.g. Michael Gross ), but there is a need for action.

Ann Coulter is calling for action too, just like Mr. Mulhern - in the Terry Schiavo case. We must have the moral courage to act. The elected republican politicians do not seem to have the courage to act. We have to reassure them somehow that a lot of people are backing them indeed ! Some republicans are downright liberals, it so seems, others do not seem to want to carry through. One wonders why is that so. The Alaska drilling vote barely went through, 51-49, with 55 republican senators.
I hope that a lot of people are reading Mr. Mulhern's columns. I wish our republican senators were on the readers' list. It would do them a lot of good.


Hate to say it but the only way I see this unfoldoing favorably is Jeb Bush using his police power to take custody of Terry and somehow insulate her from further attack. That job done, he would conduct a fierce and thorough fact finding campaign to document the judicial perfidy involved, sharply present how to prevent a repetition, and announce he will resign as governor.


Gut check time? Jeb has been paying a lot of attention to that gut, television adds ten pounds. He's now polishing the speech he will give after they bury her, working on that deep, commanding voice that the media consultant told him was so effective with women, practicing wiping that single tear, then raising his eyes toward heaven...

Any possibility that Jeb might continue the Bush presidential dynasty will die if Terri dies.

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