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nicholas martin

I hope and pray that Gov. Bush follows your advice, Mr. Mulhern !

In the meantime, I just read Robert Bork's remarks about the case. He thinks the liberals' main concern is the connection of this case with abortion.

It is so good to read your sane and sobering words !!


As usual, Peter Mulhern gets it right.

Congress has issued her "reprieve," but this vile judge still intends to have her executed on schedule, for the crimes of being brain-damaged and married to a ghoul.

I didn't think that it would come to this, but it has. It really is time for federal marshals, SWAT teams, or whatever it takes, to rescue this woman. Right now, today.

If Terry Schiavo is allowed to die after so many good people have tried to save her, something important about this country will die with her.

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