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nicholas martin

I can only offer a theological explanation to the last question in Mr. Mulhern's article, again very well written, with just the right amount of anger.
It is difficult to explain why human life is precious outside of the framework of judeo-christian ethics. Absent the concept ot soul, it is not easy to argue the value of human life. One can make valiant efforts to try doing so, but somehow most attempts remain hollow.

It seems that those to whom Mr. Mulhern refers to as the chattering class seem to think that the greatest danger faced by mankind is Christianity and Christian morality, and any and all derivatives of it. Any law, custom or practice is undesirable to them in the measure in which it conforms with Christian morality and ethics.
The Terri Schiavo case is another aspect of what is commonly referred to nowadays as the culture of death. What is the "number" now ? 47 million abortions since Roe vs. Wade ? We do not even know whom we killed. What we do know however, is that there aren't enough young, working people to support the social security system. How do the liberals plan to keep social security, and hope to introduce socialized medicine with an aging population, because the young are aborted ? The 47 million by now would have produced some offspring too, by now. The average age of the nation would be considerably less than it is now.
Maybe the Terri Schiavo case is really independent of the abortion horror. But it does seem to confirm that today's degenerate "liberalism" does not value human life.


My comments on all this are a little more, coarse and sobering. I use the word sobering, to best describe the feeling I have about the issue with Terri Shiavo. For such a blatant unjustice to happen before our eyes, and we all sit here and complain ( including me ), and do nothing, is just horrific. I have a deep feeling of guilt, and sin that me as a human can sit here and allow this to happen.

I am not a judge or President, which makes the lack of moral fiber in either of them, frightening. Nobody in politics, wants to make waves, wants to ruffle feathers wants to make their friends mad at them. So whether they agree or disagree, we all sit here and watch Terri Schaivo, die, and do nothing.

This whole situation stinks from top to bottom, and I can only wonder how many other helpless, defenseless and vulnerable people, were done in by the animals around them. Just like the black sheep, in the herd all other sheep turn on them, unfortunatly this is the mindset that is allowing Terri to be treated in such a way, and allowing those that could help her, to just not take that step.

We are alone, and we are not moral or holy. We will all answer for our actions some day. Pray for Terri.


Is this the same Peter Mulhern who taught law at NIU in the late 80s? If so, I am surprised he has such far right views.


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