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Nicholas Martin

Andrew Sullivan...( I have a hard time stopping myself from saying something...not so nice about him.) He claimed in a relatively recent writ of his that Pope John Paul II "is clinging to life", and what kind of a message does that give to Christians, etc....

Andrew Sullivan has never understood anything about Catholicism at all. The Pope was not clinging to life, ( maybe Sullivan is ! ), and it was one of the worst non sequiturs anyway.

Indeed Benedict XVI has his work cut out for him. How many issues...what about the immense amount of annullments in the US in the last so many decades, just as an example ? ( I believe William Marshner is the work to read on this subject ).

People should try to understand that the Church is NOT here to please people. It is NOT the primary mission of the Church to make life here on Earth better. This false impression may have been generated by Vatican II and its misinterpretations, where it seemed that the Church has started to "court" the world. Hence all this starry eyed nonsensic wishful and emotional crap about the Church being "progressive", needing to promote this or that liberal agenda, etc.

Ratzinger is being labeled as a "hardliner"...

Was Jesus Christ our Lord a "hardliner" too ? When exactly will the Left discontinue excreting their brains through their anuses ?!?!?!

The Church follows timeless dogmas of eternal truth. It is a timeless institution.There is a some 20000 page document of Vatican II, and buried in it somewhere is the sobering sentence that the World writ large and the Church are locked in an inexorable life and death struggle that will last till the end of Time.

Christ has promised that the jaws of Hell will never conquer the Church. When one ponders this, it should seem worse than pitiful to hear the cacophonic whining of some poor liberals, who want the Church to consider gay rights ( ??? Sorry, but what exactly does gay rights mean ? Please ? Anyone ? I take notes ! ) , ordination of women,( for which the Church simply has no authority, and this in no way implies any kind of denigration of women...just consider all the female saints. The Holy Virgin is strictly the highest ranking human being in the strictly hierarchical Church structure.) contraception...

Why don't they ask priests to start handing out condoms, maybe with a special blessing ?!?!?

We have to pray for the poor misguided liberals. It is extemely hard, they really put our patience to the test.
But we have to pray for their immortal souls ! We have to ! We have to beg God to forgive them. We have to forgive them as well ( this does not mean that we should not defend ourselves from them ).

Thank the Almighty for giving us Benedict XVI. May the Lord be merciful on us, may He help our new Pope in his immensely difficult task, and may He help us believers behave like true Christefideles.

the real conquest of Islam could only be accomplished through the conversion of the Islamic masses. Forced conversions are invalid. Of course we have to fight them by the sword as well, when attacked ( and we have been attacked by them, not the first time ).

How about the liberals ? Can we convert them ? They are a more dangereous and pernicious enemy. If we set an example, only then can we hope for conversions. That is our challenge.

Dan McCuen

Feel free to unload on Sullivan, rest assurred, he would unload on you.

Sullivan is a morbid bore, fixated upon an issue that properly belongs back in the closet.

Ratzinger has to step to the plate. I hope he focuses on the decline of Christian belief in the 1st world.

I saw tonight on television a Jesuit, {who else...} who suggested that the key question the Church must ask itself was whether it desired to be inclusive, or exclusive. But somebody needed to clue the Jesuit in that Christ is the "sign raised in contradiction." To his own two thousand years ago, he posed a conundrum, and yet today a Jesuit suggests that the message of Christ can be so tailored, so diluted, so massaged as to be non-threatening, non-offputting. Such a policy could only serve to strip the Incarnation of its reality.

And THAT'S exactly what they intend to do.


True, the man has been given a heavy cross that no human could carry. But that's the point, no? We are all assured that we can carry our cross because we are not alone, we need only ask for the help and it will be provided. Our Lord was not joking when he said - "With God all things are possible." But our redeemer and self proclaimed friend will look for our correspondence before the wonders happen. Ask truly and it will be given. The Pope knows this and will act accordingly. We need to do the same with faith, hope and love. All will be well, trust Him.

nicholas martin

One more comment on the pederasty scandals. First of all, some of them are fake.
Nevertheless, they actually have a positive effect on the Church. It will help cleanse the Church, thereby making it stronger. The Church is strongest when it's weakest. It has always been like that.
What can the ordinary good willing Christian do nowadays ? Probably pray, first of all, and lead a Christian life. Set an example. ONe should pray for the liberals, and while it is very difficult not to get angry at them, one has to try. Pray for their souls. Pray the Rosary, if we have the time, very humbly beg God ( and those who believe in the Saints, ask for their constant intercession. As John Paul II said, the Holy Virgin's prayers Christ simply can not resist.

The example he brings up is from John's Gospel: the wedding at Kanaa.

At first Jesus almost rejects his mother's request. But he still turns the water into wine.

The Holy Virgin's requests are very hard to resist. This is the lesson we learn from that miracle, that is only reported in John. Her Son could not resist it. Those of us who believe in the Saints, we should ask for their intercession.

TJ Jackson

I pray that the new pope has all the successm and assistance he needs. He faces the forces of extremist secular fundamentalism bent on destroying religion and enshrining the virtues that Mr. Sullivan promotes daily.

Andy Spencer

Peter, I tried to send this via email, but it got bounced back. -AS


I was very troubled by something you said on KSFO this
morning. Near the end of your good-natured spat with
Lee Rogers, Melanie Morgan noted that you elicited a
strong response from Lee with his "incredulous"
question "we should just let the poor bastards die?"

You then offered: "He says that like it's a bad

This latter statement of yours came off like a crystal
clear indication that you thought it would be a good
thing if numerous people perished in the aftermath of
Hurricane Katrina (as many as possible?). Is that your
position? It certainly sounded like it, and it was
troubling to hear over the airwaves.

If this is your position, how do you square it with
this blog, which mentions "the Christian view that
human life is inherently and ineffably valuable"?

To think about:

God created poor, black and white New Orleanians just as He created you. I'm thinking He doesn't care more for you than he does for them.

That some media have unjustifiably criticized aspects
of the Bush administrations response to Katrina does
compel conservatives to defend Bush even in areas where he may have been lacking.

Best regards,

Andy Spencer

Roman Catholic Moderate

Peter Mulhern, you sir, are a nut job...

...and I for one applaud you for it.

Mike Artherton

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