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As Mother used to say, "When words and actions differ, always judge the individual on their actions." If a man or woman who is not obviously deranged espouses and actively supports unChristian policies and acts, I must conclude their subsequent claims they are "Christians" and "believe in God" are lies. The conclusion is inescapable.

TJ Jackson

I love a man who can state the obvious clearly. You've got a loyal reader now!

thomas the apostle

It is so clear! If a person claims to be a Democrat, they support murdering babies. What can we do? They are like millions of weapons of mass destruction walking among us! A preemptive war would be a good idea. We can save so many babies if we just slaughter all the Democrats. --And get rid of those who say one thing but their actions prove they are liars. No one can believe in God if they are a liar. I know this because I have never lied. I can judge therefore without fear of being judged. I am the only one qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice.

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